BlueBushing comes from one of my crazy ideas with style and irony to tell all of my daily thoughts. I am a bubbly, cheerful and ironic. Of course, those who know me well know how much energy I have and knows what I’m an unstoppable train in everything I do. But I must admit that I combine real trouble sometimes, because of my exuberance, but nothing serious. I am a great lover of art and fashion, and always. I drew sketches and dresses from pre-school, think, and inevitabilemte I could never deal with another. I love to write and use your imagination, the only thing that allows us to really feel alive, to stand out from the crowd. Create, fantasize … generates an acceleration of neurons and hormone overproduction, in short, excites us, inspires us, makes us interesting people. And I’m a creative person. I hate monotony, I hate repetition and love the colors, the flowers, the scents, nature and everything that gives aesthetic pleasure to the eye. I love most of all irony, which is the spice of life. Take itself too seriously in the long run makes us boring, and boredom is not my forte. So I hope to be of interest with my articles on fashion, and most of all have fun in a serious moment to the next. Professionalism is knowing how to with kindness and laughter.

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