BloodAmirah Ramkesoon


*Every Girl Wants "Prince Charming".. and While He May Be Nice and All.. I'm Thinking That I'd Rather Have The Guy That's Going To Call At 4a.m. Just To Say i Love You.. Or Someone Who'll Stop By My House, After Just Hanging Up The Phone.. Because He Wants To See How I'm *rEaLlY* Doing.. Because I Said I Was Fine.. But We Both Know I'm Lying. Or The Guy Who'll Stay Home On a Saturday Night With Me Because I'm Sick and Bring Me My Favorite Kind Of Candy...Even Though I Can't Eat It Because My Stomach Flips at The Idea. That Guy.. That One Guy...He May Not Be "Prince Charming" To Anyone Else...But He'd Be My Hero. My 'Knight in Shining Armor.' Anyone Who'd Rather Stay Home On a Saturday Night and Lay With Me While I Sleep Just To Watch Me..

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