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me: do they gradually get less or just stop? katie: gradually get less mary: mine just stop me/ruby/katie: your freckles just stop? mary: no? i was talking about my hair? me: you're not related to them though jess: but i bathed them! jess: do you know what i fancy? lottie/me: what? jess: nando's me: i've never been there jess: it's very good, you get to pick all the...elements me: it's got the guy from scrubs in it, JD jess: is that the black one? me: no jess: so the white one? lottie's dad: yes jess, if it's not the black one, it's the white one jess: well he might be asian! lottie: oh look it's jess, no wait, it's a fat old man. ma bad! lottie: i'll get my friends from games workshop to beat you up, medieval style! jess: they don't look like angels, they look like terrorists! me: i kissed a girl jess: and i hated it lydia: i came out in a rash me: do you know why they're being guided off the motorway? jess: don't know me: coz they're knocking down the bridge jess: i know! jess' dad: name the seas then jess jess: oceanic sea! jess: i'm shaking inside my bones! lydia: i hope alex's friend doesn't want a lift home today. he's not going to get one. me: i don't blink *blinks* zainab: i was yawning but i wanted to sing krissy: i was having a bad day, i just wanted someone to come and shoot me in the balls. zainab: yeah but you don't have any? you should have just said vagina or va-jay-jay

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