Belu Simo


There's a thing called love, That we all forget, And it's a wasted love, That we all regret, You live your life just once, So don't forget about a thing called love, Don't forget, forget about a thing called love "Los juegos no tienen ningun influencia sobre los niños. Quiero decir, si el PAC-MAN hubiese influenciado a nuestra generacion, estariamos todos corriendo en salas oscuras, masticando pildoras magicas y escuchando musicas electronicas repetitivas..." - Kristian Wilson (Nintendo Inc. 1989) "Trance is not so much a style as it is A STATE OF TRANCE that you're in... where you forget what you're doing, when the hairs on your arm stand on end... just purely lost in the music... For me, that's Trance" - AvB

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