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Dicks make boys stupid - not waiting 4 Cupid ! :D "Girls dont like boyz, girls like cars and money!:D"by Good Charlotte/ "Everybody!Put up your hands and say:"I dont wanna be in love!"xD"/by Good Charlotte/ "I'm just a Teenge Dirtbag, baby..."/by Wheatus/ "Shit Happens, Boys r Toys"by LolitsxD/ "It's NO FUN if it isn't FREE!"/by Vandik & MexD/ "BITCH = Being In Totall Control,Honey"/Bestiář/ "U don't know how much hurts love that cannot live but never dies..." "Drzí jsme tehdy, když druhým docházej argumenty.":D O=)/by ?!ME:D/ "It's not who you MARRY, it's who you DIVORCE!" "Hey boy, if you r lookin' for PERFECTION, buy yourself a BARBIE DOLL!":D "Zakázané ovoce chutná nejlépe. Ještě lépe pak, když už jednou ochutnáš."

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