Nancy Baughn


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding" "I think, therefor I am". "The will of God will not take me where the grace of God will not protect me". "It could be could be raining" "Somebody's gotta go back and get a whole shitload of dimes!" also, a poem written by a freind: "I am a girl Who feels the most at home Underneath a wash of stars Making my own constellations I love the feeling Of sitting before a campfire The only noise The wind and the fire And hearing him beside me breathe I like the wind on my arms As I raise them And the clutch of air as I spin." - Nikki Ashley And most recently, "I am a survivor of suicide, a zebra among horses; distinct from those who have not suffered the loss by suicide of a loved one or dear friend. I do not feel like you, I do not respond to things as you do, and nothing you do or say can remove the pain from my heart or the reminders of my loved one from my thoughts. I am a zebra among horses; I may seem a normal person, but inside, the differences are as marked as the stripes that distinguish a zebra from a horse. The knowledge that I am different wears on me like a saddle. I am a zebra among horses; like you, yet not like you." -Peter J. Warshaw

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