Barbarella Piccoli Lawrence


me-"MOOMMMM, NO HABLA!!!!" jordan-"how do you stick this in here!" me-"you put it in the hole!!!" jordan-"it won't go in!" nikki-"omg im sticking it hard and juice is coming out!!!" me and marisa-"hahahahahahbahahahahabaha" "oooooo, a pole! oh wait nvm!!!" hahahaha. nikki-"omg i spent all day saturday cleaning i was on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor! i was so proud of myself!" Me&&Marisa-"WE ARE GONNA BECOME SUPER FAMOUS." (mark our words. don't believe us? ha just wait and see ;p ) guy at target-"need any help ma'am?" me-"no thx" guy at target-"are you a dancer or something?" me-"uhh..yeahh, how do you know?" guy at target-"i can tell by your legs." me-"isabelle, you remind me of jasmine from aladin." marisa-"yeaaaa you do!!" isabelle-"i've actually never seen that movie." me-"what is up with kids these days!? what are they watching!?" marisa-"yeah, i know! kids these dayss...." nikki-"is that a rocket?" ME-"NO STUPID ITS A DICK." JORDAN-"he's black is that okay?" nikki- "wearing a thong can give u can give infections" moi-"no wonder my but crack is so crusty!" marisa-"eww you prolly have aids" moi-"ya cuz i suck ppl's period blood" nicole-"can you pass me that cup with water?" me-"ohhhhhhh" lindsayyy-"dude it smells like fucking chicken!" bella-"ew you just stepped on my period." me-"is that what smells so bad!!??" me- "heyy babbbbyyyyy." bella-"WTF!!" me-"can you use tide with bleach with colors?" sammie-"whats tide?" amanda-"i got this new perfume. it's called come to me. does it smell like come to you?" me-"eww look it's the whore!" chelsea-"eww look it's the slut-sucking a cock." me-"yeah...bryce's cock=]" courtney-"you know that new song by j holiday?" me-"yeahhh." courtney- "well i think that's the song i want to play the first time i do it." me-"ummm." courtney-"its know how the beginning goes 'girl change into that victoria secret thing that i like?'" me-"omg courtney.." courtney-"haah what? you havent thought of your song yet?" me-"no..i dont think about what song i want to play when i first do it..." kami-"you missed our new cheer yesterday." me-"how does it go?" kami-"d-u-m-p dump that ball" me-"i dont think you dump a ball in basketball..." kami-"then what starts with D-U and has to do with basketball?" me-"i think you duNK the basketball.." kami-"oh ya hahahahhahah." me-"pada papapa." halie's mom-"hey look she's doing the alltel commercial!" me and chelsea- ROFL. you had to be there. (nikki puking in the bathroom) marisa-"does anybody want to check on nikki?" "nikki, your too young." marisa-"ew is she wearing a boy shirt?" me-"julleee do you know wat a firecrotch is?" julee-"yes and im not one!" bella-"wats a firecroch?" linds-"people that have red hair and red pubes." julee-"yaa ummm i dont hv any lol, and i shaved so theres no sorts of pubes the

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