Rachelle Peslier


Defeat is a choice... So is victoy. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain. If you're still breathing you can fight. People are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want it to be true; or they're afraid it's true. The greatest harm can result from the best intentions. Passion rules reason, For better or for worse. There is magic in sincere forgiveness; in the forgiveness you give, but more so in the forgiveness you receive. Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie. The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason.The first law of reason is this: what exists, exists, what is, is and from this irreducible bedrock principle, all knowledge is built. It is the foundation from which life is embraced. Life is the future, not the past.The past can teach us, through experience, how to accomplish things in the future, comfort us with cherished memories, and provide the foundation of what has already been accomplished. But only the future holds life. To live in the past is to embrace what is dead. To live life to its fullest, each day must be created anew. As rational, thinking beings, we must use our intellect, not a blind devotion to what has come before, to make rational choices Deserve victory. A contradiction can not exist in reality. Not in part, nor in whole. To believe in a contradiction is to abdicate your belief in the existence of the world around you and the nature of the things in it, to instead embrace any random impulse that strikes your fancy ? to imagine something is real simply because you wish it were. A thing is what it is, it is itself. There can be no contradictions. Willfully turning aside from the truth is treason to one's self. the truth is what should motivate your life not the lies or you will fall victim to the first rule and if you ignore the truth you're betraying everything that you belive in because the lie is more conveniet to you than what is really there The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. There are those who give into love and they pay a price. And those who run away from love, because they're afraid, or because they feel they're not worthy of it... She ran away.-Original Sin.- Don't be afraid of death, be afraid of the unlived life. You don't have to live forever...you just have to live. To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.

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