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MY ONE OF THE FAVORITE QUOTE ( HO CHUKY HAAK TU HUM TUK TERI AWAZ AYE- AY ZINDAGI TU NE BOOHT DAIR SE DHOONDA HUMY) "Never play with the feelings of others Because you may win the Game But The Risk is that you surely Loose the Person for life time." Walking alone is not difficult but when we have walked a mile with someone then coming back alone is so difficult..... SOMETIMES YOUR EXISTENCE GIVES HOPE TO SOMEONE. SOMETIME YOUR SMILE MAY BE A PEARL FOR SOMEONE. SOMETIME YOUR PRESENCE MIGHT MAKE HAPPY SOMEONE. LUCK DECIDES WHOM U MEET IN LIFE YOUR HEART DECIDES WHOM YOU WANT IN LIFE BUT TIME DECIDES WHO GETS TO STAY IN YOUR LIFE. "Always love the person who loves u most, not the person whom u love most"and"Life is like sand. Enjoy it and then let it slip of your hand, since ice gone it will never come back." TO GET SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE EDGE U NEED TO BE HAVE BROAD MISSION&VISION AND RIGIDITY IN UR BEHAVIOR TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS,THEN U WILL ALWAYS BE WINNER .(MICHAEL PORTER) A person who truly loves you...will never let you matter what how hard the situation!!! ALLAH PAK mujhe apni raza mein razi rehne aur apni maslehat ko samjhne ki toufeq ata farmayen,,,,ameen,,, I beleive k pyaar ka kehna itna imp nahi hota jitna isay mehsoos karwana...i mean kisi ko i love u keh dene se bht zada better hai k hum aysa behave kar k deekhayen k wo shaks khud hi smajh lay that this person loves me,,,,, Taluq jitna gehra aur purana hojaye usay chorna utna hi mushqil aur takleef dey hota hai,, ( the best thing in life is to find someone who knows all ur mistakes n weaknesses n still thinks that " YOU ARE COMPLETE " ) Face is the index of mind isi tarah humari guftogoo b humari personality ko reflect karti hai, Always have a unique character like salt, its presence is not felt but its absence makes all things "TASTELESS"

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