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Be Thankful, Take time every day to be thankful for all of the positive things in your life. Be Thankful, For your life, your problems, your family, your friends, Be Thankful For a meal, your clothing, Anything that you can, Be Thankful for it, This will begin to retrain your mind to look for positive things! In time, you will even find yourself being thankful for your enemies that granted you positive life lessons, and for being fired from that dead end job so that you were free to grow and move on. Don't Tolerate Negative Thoughts! Many people allow themselves to wallow in their negative thoughts, When a negative thought about yourself or anything else comes to mind, banish it; simply don't tolerate them, and redirect your thought to something positive. Have Happy people ! Don't hang around people who focus on the negative, or speak negatively about others, It may take time to find new positive friends, because happy people will not want to hang out with you until you start changing your mind with the above techniques. Feed Yourself Positive Thoughts! Your brain actually listens to your voice more acutely than to other voices, If you record your voice using positive affirmations and play it back to yourself daily, your mind will believe those affirmations, Likewise, if you utter negative things about yourself, your mind will soak that up with a sponge...so stop! Circumstances don't determine your general level of happiness, your mind does! There will always be ups and downs, but you can have a happy life. i wish you all be happy in your life peace!

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