Joao Anjos


"Female Trouble" Taffy: 'Writing a book, hippie? Why don't you go listen to some folk music and give me a break!' ; "Multiple Maniacs" Lady Divine: 'Oh, think of it, Mink. We can perform extreme unction nationwide - Ronald Reagan and his family, the entire Baltimore Police Department, and BARBRA STREISAND!' ; "Serial Mom" Dottie Hinkle: 'Hello? Beverly Sutphin: Is this the Cocksucker residence? Dottie Hinkle: God damn you! Stop calling here! Beverly Sutphin: Is this Four Two One Five Pussy Way? Dottie Hinkle: You bitch! Beverly Sutphin: Now let me check the zip code. Two-one-two-fuck-you? Dottie Hinkle: The police are tracing this call this very minute. Beverly Sutphin: Well, Dottie Hinkle, then why aren't they here, huh, fuckface? Dottie Hinkle: FUCK YOU! [hangs up] Beverly Sutphin: Bwaahahahaha! [immediately calls her back] Dottie Hinkle: DIDN'T I JUST SAY FUCK YOU? Beverly Sutphin: [in a different voice] I beg your pardon? Dottie Hinkle: Who is this? Beverly Sutphin: Mrs. Wilson from the telephone company. I understand you're having problems with an obscene phone caller? Dottie Hinkle: Yes, I am. I'm sorry, Mrs. Wilson. But this is driving me crazy! I've had my number changed twice already. I'm a divorced woman, please help me. Beverly Sutphin: Well what exactly does this sick individual say to you? Dottie Hinkle: I can't say the words out loud, I don't use bad language. Beverly Sutphin: Oh well, I know it's difficult but we need to know the exact words. Dottie Hinkle: I'll try. COCKSUCKER, that's what she calls me. Beverly Sutphin: [reverting to the original voice] LISTEN TO YOUR FILTHY MOUTH, YA FUCKIN WHORE! Dottie Hinkle: GODDAMN YOU! Beverly Sutphin: MOTHERFUCKER! Dottie Hinkle: COCKSUCKER'

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