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Tick: I am mighty. I have a glow you cannot see. I have a heart as big as the moon. As warm as bathwater. We are superheroes, men, we don't have time to be charming. The boots of evil were made for walkin'. We're watching the big picture, friend. We know the score. We are a public service, not glamour boys. Not captains of industry. Keep your vulgar moneys. We are a justice sandwich. No toppings necessary. Living rooms of America, do you catch my drift? Do you dig? Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done... -C.S. Lewis If there were no hell, we would be like the animals. No hell, no dignity. -Flannery O’Connor All men who are eminently useful, are made to feel their weakness in a supreme degree. -C.H. Spurgeon Repentance is not an emotion. It is not feeling sorry for your sins. It is a decision. -Eugene Peterson What the bible says about the church is actually considerably harder for a lot of people to believe than what the bible says about God. -Tim Keller We want a God without wrath who took man without sin into a kingdom without justice through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross. -Reinhold Niebuhr Jesus came to raise the dead. He did not come to teach the teachable; He did not come to improve the improvable; He did not come to reform the reformable. None of those things works. -Robert Farrar Capon Christian scholarship is the Church's prodigious invention to defend itself against the Bible, to ensure that we can continue to be good Christians without the Bible coming too close . . . We would be sunk if it were not for Christian scholarship! Praise be to everyone who works to consolidate the reputation of Christian scholarship, which helps to restrain the New Testament, this confounded book which would, one, two, three, run us all down if it got loose. -Soren Kierkegaard The world is such a sad and lonely place. I think that, as soon as every little baby is born, they should be issued a banjo. -Linus to Charles Brown

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