Audrey Gomez


Margaret Cho - "She forgot to feed it and it DIED!" FA MULAN Herp derp Breadquanda WOMANCE "There was something on her face and I wiped it off...with my face" Meg&Dia - My Ugly Mouth "Why is it always the ones we love we try and hide and give our laughter to perfect strangers? Why oh why did I say those words when I saw your face and the way it hurt, I couldn't stop it. Do you think I enjoy this? Oh no.. Please don't confirm it. It's not truthful. My ugly mouth. Damn those words that come out." Get Him to the Greek: "When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall." Billy Elliot: "All right, all right, don't lose your blob!" Swoozie ~ "I DIDN'T CHOOSE THE THUG LIFE, THE THUG LIFE CHOSE ME"

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