Ashley Olivolo


"can i take a picture of you, i wanna show santa what i want for christmas" - michele metcalf (f^2 no homo) "studying doesn't prepare u for life. Life prepares you for Life!" -Nicole Movassaghi "Bitchh! I don't know your life!" -Baby Mama "Wanna go to Subways?" -randy "I can feel you laughing inside of me" -Patty Britten "yeah that feels ugly" -little kid at wild rivers "what the F david blaine!" -some guy in emily's class "I know where you can get big breads" -Emily Kuo "You guys my knee cap fell off!!" -Hannah Alwash "we have the technology" -steve nolff "i don't need no camie! i just let em' hang" -hannah alwash "That is a great question, I love that question! You know I love all questions, because all questions have answers. And what would the world be without answers but a big pile of questions? -Adam West (family guy<3 lol adam west your soo funny[: "If a guy says your HOT he's looking at your body. If he says your PRETTY he's looking at your face. If he says your BEAUTIFUL than he's looking at your heart!!" -said by a guy

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