Ashley Baize


"I was trying to blink but my eye was dry so I accidentally winked at you" -me "Ummm, thats exactly what it wasnt..." - me "Im just gunna make big gestures so it looks like you party with crazy people!"- me, yet AGAIN! "its not racism! its ethnicity awareness!" - me, yet again "DONT YOU DARE TOUCH MY QUESEDILLA. I will cut you."- ME "Oh i'm gunna touch it!!!! With the inside of my belly!"- Marissa "...And what did i purchase you ask?..."- ME :) "...the "P" and the "O" are too close together"- ME :) "Yeah, I feel like I was just bent over and ravaged by Ashley Baize via Facebook."- Kyle Winters "i like wearing my twin bracelet as an anklet cuz every time i take off my pants...i'm like...OH HI TWIN!"--Twin "I love my best friend ASHLEY"--KATIE "I love my best friend ashley too"--ME "Dude, thats your name"--KATIE "OHH YEAH!!!"--ME Me: "Cause I am a nice fucking caring American citizen, DAMNIT!" Mom: "....So, I was engaged by December, married in August, and was pregnant by September!" Me: "Good job SLUT!%#@$#" Me:"I dont have sex Anthony!" Ant:"Why because noone wants to with you?" Me:"Thanks, my self esteem just went down!" Ant:"Can it really get any lower?!" Me:"You know, like hey yo nigg, whats poppin?!" Flex:"i went to a school with people of that.....umm.....color?!" Me:"its ethnicity...?" Me: I HAVE A THUNDER COCK! ghettochipmalfunction: yo shes only like a lvl 12 priest but once she casts cock of the infinite it is all over Me:"OH GOD ! NOT THE HAWK! Civilization just went back 20 years cause of the Mohawk." Justin Case: the rain Twin: "I just typed in and BAM! there you were!" Hayley: "LOL. That means Laugh Out Loud. But not too loud. My parents are asleep!" Caleb Hollandsworth: "This is a good infomercial. It's called Snapple" Matt Hanks: "I'd throw a tater in that bucket.."

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