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'Keren ‎- i think my ribs are smaller :/ Me - ribs why is that? haha Keren - cause my heart feels squishy. Me - i shall call him squishy and he shall be mine Keren - either that or my lungs are smaller Me - maybe your organs are having a group hug' Religious Views - 'I pray I'll always have enough cash to get wasted.' - Jason Dalton 'I will literally break your shit off if you ever touch me again...k pumpkin?' Hitch 'I'm mind fucking the shit out of you!' 'I hope your wearing a condom because I have a dirty mind' Get Him to the Greek When talking about animals that live in water: 'sheep! ... well they sometimes fall in water!' Alana @ Grant 'The club can't handle me right now...LOL jk, it nearly broke my leg' Keren Clubb 'My hole is getting bigger!' Laura in hotel room in Edinburgh 'You never knew me...until you met me.' Steven @ Grant (while looking at the wall outside the Grant) 'Look at the wall, its stained...with class' 'I don't speak to children...fuck em' Mark @ Grant 'Me and Adam sleep top and tail every weekend. It's not Gay! It's Manly!' - I can't remember who said this but it made Talia and myself laugh a LOT 'It's's sticky...I think it's burger..' - Talia while at Mcd's 'Aah your breasts are like cushions!' - Talia at the Grant 'Where have you been all my life?' 'Gift Shop' From the end of 2012, don't make me give character names, I can't remember them! 'It takes a moment to change history, it takes love to change lives' - Pearl Harbour YouTube video 'Without Love We Perish' - Top in River Island

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