Anna Ling


rachel : "where's fart?" anna : "she blew away." jackie: "for a second there i thought you said pubic" jun: "only you, jackie." anna: "hey jun, smell this!" *sprays webcam* anna: "hi melanie!" melanie: "f*** you." melanie: "wanna hear the eternal whistle?" melanie: "anna, you should buy a wedding dress. then look at yourself in the mirror. and propose to yourself. and get a priest to marry yourself. and then kiss yourself." melanie: "but you might have to cheat on yourself to have a baby." melanie: "sitehfuu!" anna (to paige): "paige, there is one thing you must know about melanie. when she says 'you're a retard' what she actually means is 'AWH-YOU-SO-CUTE-I-LOVE-YOU!!!!' which is what i tell myself when she says that to me." anna: "THIS IS SO GOOD. IT'S LIKE AN ORGASM IN MY MOUTH." melanie and jocelyn - silence. anna: "i just realized! THIS PLACE.. it's like......" jocelyn; "heaven?" anna: "NO! A WHOREHOUSE!" melanie: "WHAT!?" anna: "no, don't you see? these chefs are prostitutes, and we pay for the 'food' they give us! and we're 'cheating' on the cafeteria, and our mom's cooking!" kay: "you better give me your address or else on judgement day, you're going to run into some issues yeah? because you didnt give your friend her wish, im sure there's some sort of commandment against that. " olivia: (when asked what OCBC stands for) "Olivia Cool Bank of Coolness!" avnee: "crazyyy." anna: "only for you babeh!" avnee: "OH GOD." anna: "omg. i just realized. MY NAME IS IN YOUR NAME." johanna: "LOL you just realized? that's what I've been trying to tell you! LIKE JOH ANNA!" anna: "THIS IS A MOMENT OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.PEOPLE WILL LOOK BACK TO THIS MOMENT, AND THINK "WHAT AN AMAZING MOMENT." anna: "FACEBOOK QUOTES SHALL IMMORTALIZE THIS MOMENT!" anna: "which is why this october has 5 weekends. 5! and it only happens once every 823 years. the universe is practically begging us to party hard!" kieran: "so" anna: "uh" kieran: "wanna mint?" anna: "this isn't where i parked my car!" "So i woke up and my pants were gone. i was just like WHERE ARE MY PANTS WHY ARE THEY GONE WHERE ARE MY PANTS YOU GUYS )':" johanna: "IT'S NOT CUTE IT'S THE LAW! johanna: "your hair is a SLUT." anna: (to hair) "OHKAY, WHO HAVE YOU BEEN FUCKING NOW?" matt: "uh i think we had a thing.. OH WAIT I DATED HER... twice." kieran: "you look so cute... like a nun" johanna: "i can direct, i can do tech, i can act... i can do anything!" miral: "we're in public. be normal." zeynep: "so uh.. is singapore in china?" anna: " bill gates!" zeynep: "bill gates? who is that?" *silence* anna: "new zealand slang is so sexual! this is so HARD, why are you so HARD? i'm HARD, mate! i BUMMED you! you've been BUMMED! who BUMMED you!?" zeynep: "i don't think that's how you use it." miral: "so then xx gifted me this" anna: "IT'S NOT GIFTED! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD HE GAVE YOU THAT." miral: "let me give you a huggg" anna: "OH GOD NO STAY FARRR AWAY" "i'm sorry, that must've been humiliating, let's just forget that ever happened." anna: "i'm sorry.. what're you talking about? i don't recall anything." zeynep: "she's too pretty." anna: "haha oh dear god. now now, jealousy does not a lovely lady make." zeynep: "i know, i know. i'm working on it." anna: "you give a girl chocolates when she's on her period!" ck: "no, i'll give her tampons!" ck: "i'll buy her one of those advanced tampons that can be used permanently!" anna: "CK, you put the CK in d*CK!" anna: "akshay, if you do not stop playing with my paper, i will papercut your face." akshay: "hey! that's illegal!" anna: "your face is illegal! or at least it should be." akshay: "that's cause it's awesome." anna: "yeah, it's a real 'killer'" ck: -something irrelevant- anna: "你的屁股!” anna: "ck, 你太自私了!为什么你心地一点都不善良呢?” ck: "what's wrong with my hair?" anna: "what's wrong is that you HAVE hair!" miral: "Don't you wish your curry was hot like me?" anna: "...But then it would be like eating butter chicken.." anna: "now go away, because you're distracting me from being totally fucking awesome" anna: "that is such a joke." monique: "what, women rights?" anna: "..." monique: "who said that?" monique: "your life is so sad. I think i might buy you an ice cream. cause i feel so bad for you. soft serve? ... with a flake, cause its just that bad." monique: "poor little anna. ice cream will make it all better. i promise. or at least for a while." monique: "who sings that?" anna: "beyonce" monique: "let's keep it that way." anna: "i smell like bad life decsions." greer: "i don't think it has a smell, but if it did it would be called 'anna ling'." joey: "Defence against infection disease... not the dark arts, I wish it was the dark arts." samii: "i think the theme for the party is something beginning with S so come as a sexy policewoman or something." anna: "then i'll just come as myself then. cause i'm a sexy bitch." anna: "why don't you just take a shit and eat it?" fran: "hi... text me.." jocelyn: "hi, this is jocelyn. I'm a BIT busy right now but..."

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