Angenette Holland


"facebook is the most brilliant douche bag ever created" "so yea i was totally depressed about not having a gf then i ate some chocolate and i feel great, yay chocolate. surely putting on extra pounds will solve my problem" " There I was having sushi at a little Korean bistro in Lincoln Park, reading the Wall Street Journal with my friend, Tad Richington from Glencoe. Well, Alibaster Blackman--minister of blackness for the American Society of Hell Muth F___in' Yeah!--walks in and spots me speaking proper English. I tried answering his allegations with all the 'dems', 'deys', 'dose' and 'duhs' I could muster but it was too late. He searched my car trunk and discovered I was in possesion of golf clubs and that was that" - Craig May on losing his black card

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