Angela Peters


im not one to chase anything, my opinion is karma is a bigger bitch than id ever have to be. i want a Notebook Romance , a love like Corey and Topanga, and a story like A Walk to Remember , and i want it to be with him .... hunnie i love u !!<3 Wouldn't life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, monday mornings were fun, girls didn't cause drama, boys weren't confusing, nothing was regrettable, friendships didnt fade, and goodbyes only meant till tomorrow... you can never become old and wise , if u arent young and crazy !!! Good little girls make some mighty wild women, Been savin' it up since the very beginnin': When they fall in love, they wanna take it to the limit. Good little girls make some mighty wild women I dont know who invented high heels, but women owe him alot! we've got two one way tickets and a diamond ring, hell it don't matter what the rain might bring<3

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