Andrya Smith


"love is like a flower.. it blossoms so beautifuly.. and when it does pick it and make sure u chares it for the time being.. it wont last forever." "be no one but yoursself." "in the bad remeber the best.. in the best rember the better.everyday ur down just think that that day equals 2 days of happyness." "The world is cold,but yet soooo bight." "Better to be hated for wat u r them, loved for wat ur not." "smile at the good and laugh at the bad.. it gets better." "Happyness is only in the eye of the happy." "The real lover is the one that can thrill u just by kissing your forehead." "I say what i mean and i mean what i say, so dont bother reading between the lines, because there is nothing there. "It takes two to make a relationship, if he is not happy dont change yourself to achieve it, the right guy will come around and love u with ur heat free hair and makeupless face." "Hard to be humble, when you can jump, stunt, and tumble. :)" "If it was easy, they would call it football."

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