Andreea Burtea


Life is like a piano,the white keeys represent happiness while the black ones are sadness.Both are played together and that's what makes the music so wonderful If you think you can, you're already half way there! Work for a cause,NOT for applause.Live life to express,NOT to impress.Don't strive to make your presence noticed,just make your absence felt. “Problema pe care o au oamenii nu este aceea că ţintesc prea sus şi eşuează, ci ţintesc prea jos şi reuşesc”.- Michelangelo "Persoanele destinate sa se intalneasca se vor intalni aparent intamplator,dar exact cand trebuie. " R.W.Emerson It doesn't matter if you've failed,if you've been beaten.All that really matters is if you get back up and try again.Because winning is fun,but winning when nobody thought you would,is just awesome. "Stelele nu se tem ca ar putea fi luate drept licurici." (R.Tagore) "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." Einstein

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