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________________________________________________________ Krist Novelisc: "People Standing On Escalators! And that is a testimony to human laziness! I mean the guy who invented the escalator, is probably kicking himself in the ass!" Kurt Cobain: "But your supposed to stand to the side, the right side, so that people can walk up on the left side." Krist Novelisc: "You think the guy who made an escalator so that... and people... there made like stairs, just so that people stand on it so you go up and down; your supposed to walk on 'em so you get there faster. You know and then people stand on there. So everytime that I'm on an escalator I'm just like, 'Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, pardon me.' You know. That's my pet peeve right there. And I'm going to do something about , and I'm urging YOU to do something about it, write your congressmen, get a group together, get together, and I think we can do something about this."

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