Andrea Mickelson


"You know whats funnier than a dead baby?" beck "What" me "A dead baby wearing a clown suit!" beck "You know whats funnier than one dead baby?" me "what" beck "Two dead babies!!" me haha "Are you washing your pickup?" "No, just cooling it down with some water." "I've been planning out your funeral in my head!" -beck to me... My mom totally serious "Yeah, Beckyn......yeah, about your pictures...... you need retakes." "I don't care if your a fag!!!" Beck "Why is Lori in the background of this picture?" me "Thats not Lori, that's me with a Lori mask on..."-Beck "I don't know if these kids want to fight, or if they want to play!!?!" -Brendo "STOOP KIDS AFRAID TO LEAVE HIS STOOOP!!" kyle meeting Grandma "Glad to meet you Kyle" Grandma "GOOD" Kyle haha long silence and awkward look exchange "...Whattt?" "I didnt know we had a pet ELEPHANT stomping around upstairs!!!" -Beck

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