Ana Laura Gauger


Ana Laura. Sixteen years old. I'm from Brazil. LEO club. Germany. Tokio Hotel. Family. Friends. Animals. Music. Movie. Harry Potter. Twilight Saga. Pirates of the Caribbean. Europe. Tom Kaulitz. Rupert Grint. Orlando Bloom. Johnny Depp. Photos. Tatoo. Adventure. Night. Sport Club Internacional. Dreams. FREEDOM. Shoes. Geography. Nature. Red. Demi Lovato. Coldplay. Paramore. Rihanna. Avril Lavigne. Guns n' Roses. Evanescence. McFly. Eminem. Taylor Swift. 30 Seconds To Mars. Kesha. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Adele. Bruno Mars. Charlie Brown Jr. Pitty. Capital Inicial. Fresno. Linkin Park. Green day. HIM. BVB. Simple Plan. U2. Tired of everything. Seeking happiness. Tattooed and rebellious!

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