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Sanhita : " The woman in Extreme cars is sooo weird!" Me : " Oh,well..boys seem to like her..All her assests are spilling out..!" Sanhita : " They should have something stimulating for us women too!" Swapnil : Hey Shyamak Spell out Foccasia Bread out for me! Shyamak : Foccasia..Umm, F-U-C-K " Focc" Aamna: can I use your laptop? Taahir: No! Not yet! Later maybe? Aamna: why not? Taahir: chuck that! You could use the computer, it isn't working, but you could fix it? And then use it? Aamna : DO I LOOK LIKE A GIRL WHO COULD FIX COMPUTERS? WAIT, DO I LOOK LIKE A GIRL WHO STUDIES COMPUTERS? NOOO WAIT, DO I LOOK LIKE THE GIRL WHO MAY STUDY COMPUTERS, AND UNDERSTANDS IT AND THEN CAN FIX IT? GIMME THE DAMN LAPTOP Taahir: ok, but just so we're clear, I think you are a very intelligent girl who CAN fix computers :D * waits for a kiss, but never gets it* Amol: I wanted to meet this external long before for bar tending classes but I couldn't! Amit: maybe if you'd met him that time today you would have been in the classes and asked easy questions. Rucha: I think if you had met him that day, today he would have begged you to stay out of his classes :D She isn't a girl, she's my sister! -- Ishita So you are your father's daughter? ( trying to ask me, whether I am a doctors daughter ) -- Chef Aakash! Ishita : All guys are the same. Ben : WTF?>NO. Me : No, man all guys aint the same...Ben : Thank you!.. Me : No, they just have different levels of asshole-ness!

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