Amy MacDonald


"i can edit this..... like... like a QUILT." "SHIT, SON!" "SHOOT, PEARL!" "pants." loug vj. " have said PLIDE, DESCRIBERS, and FLIDDEO. you are WASTED." "Emy come get my hair extentions out." "No one should of given me a fish to begin with. Im not old enough for a fish. im not responsible enough for a fish. I didn't want the fish! it was my b!tch ex girlfriend!" - tegan quin : “I drank a long island ice tea the last time when I was 19, no I wasn’t even 19 I was 18. I had a shaved head and I puked on the light rail transit system and Sara had to rub my back and people were all staring and so Sara kept rubbing my back and yelling ‘oh bad fajitas bad fajitas, don’t eat the fajitas.’ “ – Tegan "i feel like, most like, the cherry pie." ” I don’t jump in real life, why would I jump in a photo? I have weak ankles and I’m not competitive. Look how hard everyone is trying. Yahoos.” - Sara

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