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Dan Feeny - ''Oh my god, you actually smell like shit!'' :) Annabel - ''If I want to pound, I'm not going to Hound!'' :D :D :D AHAHAHAHAHA! Annabel - ''Are they putting them up on facebook?'' Hermione - ''Where else would you put them?'' Hermione GOLD! :D ''I had taken up my quill to begin writing many times before now, but I always abandoned it quickly: each time I was overcome with fear. Yes, the letters of the alphabet frighten me terribly. They are sly, shameless demons - and dangerous! You open the inkwell, release them: they run off - how will you ever get control of them again! They come to life, join, separate, ignore your commands, arrange themselves, as they like on the paper - black, with tails and horns. You scream at them and implore them in vain: they do as they please. Prancing, pairing up shamelessly before you, they deceitfully expose what you did not wish to reveal, and they refuse to give voice to what is struggling, deep within your bowels, to come forth and speak." - 'Saint Francis' by Nikos Kazantzakis

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