Amelia Morales


"Leaving my apartment with an objective no grander than to go for a run I somehow landed amidst Zuccotti’s tarpaulin sprawl in unforgivable leggings and a headband that would have had Alice reaching for a shard of cracked looking-glass. There can be few cultures that would unthinkingly welcome into their fold a man dressed as I was in the macabre attire of a spandex scarecrow but the occupants of this pop up civilization offered me first food, then shelter and then, incredibly, hope that we can change the world...Naturally I was impressed but more agitated than ever by my jogging outfit. Really, it’s terrible, I mean if we’re going to bring about systemic and meaningful social change, I want to be dressed for it." -Russell Brand Lindsey Schneider- "That's some nasty vomit. It has words all in it." Cody Johnson YOU ARE NOT GREEK, YOU ARE IN A CLUB. I HAVE A SUBWAY CLUB CARD, I AM A SANDWICH. Alison Elder- "May your raisins turn out to be chocolate chips." A.B.-"Why don't you understand social cues?!" Susanna- "There is not enough dressing on my salad." Amanda-"Rub some soup on it" Me-"Rub?" Amanda-"Rub that lettuce." -What's this guy doing? -Whatever the hell he wants. Diplomatic plates. me- I found a baby lizard! catarina- YOU SHALL FEAST LIKE A KING TONIGHT! Mrs. Garrett- "You people drive me to drink! -milk of course." Lindsey (after scarfing a ginormous piece of pizza @ Mama Sbarro) - I WIN! Me- -but really you lose. Lindsey (laugh/crying) -It's true! I feel so awful! "Wait... Who's religion are we offending??" - Becky Jinkins- "Alcohol makes everything better." Mr.Haladay- "I was born at a very young age..." Marcie Coloumbe - Emily is a bad influence-she took me to the hookah bar and we had such a lovely time and now I am hooked! (i loved it, i had to) {Amanda-" Tim!" Jordan- "...that would make me throw up alot..."} Josh- "Did you call it pancake gravy?" Edward James Olmos (an intelligent quote for a change) -"We have to stop using the word race as a cultural determinant. There is only one race, the human race." Dr. Hickey (to Amanda) "-and you thought it was a puppy?" (fun pictures in Balmorhea) Brandon Gilbert -"If it feels good repent!" :) *tim pretends to rip off Harmon's shirt pocket* Harmon- "Janet Jackson!" Mrs. Garrett- "Some people don't have the sense God gave a rock, yet they can still make straight A's" -"RUBBER CHICKEN!" Tim- "Being schizophrenic would make this easier" Mrs. Wolcott- How do we get rid of fractions? Me- Eat them? Tim- Cry. "You can encounter a crazy person whether you have your pants on or not" - Charlie Todd "Watch out there's corn! - Guy in Corn Maze "What was That!?!" - =D "No Pants!" -Amanda "Blegh toothpaste and kids!" -Amanda "Crazy Piece of Cheese" "Uh-oh, now there are dots around it; what do these dots mean?!" - The Fyock "AW I got pee water on my pants"- Cassie "I hope it's an iphone." - Liljana "So we're like really good friends now right?" -Sofi "Yeah" -Jenna "So like, I can poop in your toilet?" - Sofi "You just turn yourself into a letter and post it and maybe it'll arrive somewhere...what was the question again?" -Alan Rickman "People hate sissies...No one's ever gonna want to shag you if you cry all the time." -Emma Thompson in Love Actually

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