Amanda Lacerda


"I was eight and I remember coming downstairs and seeing Imagine on the telly, which was pretty haunting. I like Lennon’s voice. It’s all about his voice. I don’t care whether he was into peace, or into Yoko. I don’t care how big his knob was or whether he had one ball or fooking three balls. I just like his voice. It moves me, makes me sad, makes me happy, makes me angry, makes me whatever. There are probably kids not yet born who’ll like Oasis music. Music, when you do it right, lives forever." LG "To a lot of people I think music's a commodity, not spiritual. It's something you put on the mantlepiece and it's there, like a set of golfclubs or an ironing board, whereas to us it's a holy thing, and none of us are even religious. I think music is magic... magical, in the true sense of the word. Certain pieces of music make me feel strong, protected. It raises... it raises my soul. No, forget that, it protects me from bad feelings. Music protects us in such a powerful way, it makes you aware of possibilities." Bobby Gillespie

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