Alice Marins


I've been wondering why, with so much waiting. I think I'm taking life too seriously, and I'm living what I really want for myself, I sometimes think where are all those dreams I had as a girl? I think I grew more I forgot to live my childhood, and I did it without even realizing it. And today I woke up thinking about what I left behind, and what was good for me in all this, I do not think I was wrong as easy, where's all the more people I had around me every day what happened to her ? And because there are days when I miss them? I'm waiting, for something I do not know yet, and I'm afraid that all my hopes. And if in the end not worth it, and if in the end I let me down again? Why this waiting? More inside me, something tells me it will be worthwhile, and that's why I'm waiting, waiting on my ...

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