Alessandro Mengozzi


Alessandro Mengozzi was born in Italy in 1986. Since he was a child, he has always been fascinated by art and his full conscience in this determined him to attend the Ballardini institute of Art in Faenza (Italy), where he totally understood who he was (and is) and who he wanted to became. After the graduation he moved to Milan and following his passion for fashion, he decided to attend the Marangoni Fashion Institute, where he absolutely learned everything to start to realize his ideas. He ended studies in 2009 year with the graduation's cerymony and with the final fashion show of all Marangoni's students. He began to work as freelance fashion designer for different brands, the real start is the launch of his own collection of ornamental and scenic hats (bringing his name). Making the fusion of his passion in art and fashion, he takes inspiration from the nature expressing everything with a dark view that is constantly his first property. In 2010 set up his label I AM as well, and he realized his first collection as a new young designer, showing to people his streetwear view, for sale in European stores.

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