Ale Jandra


compilado de MIS PROPIAS FRASES: •Jesus yo confio en ti • estas loco o comiste winnie?? •Shit happens •Que pexilindro •Whataageee!?? •Perejilaaaaaaaaa........que pasoo???!! RAUWF •Aiii Carramba!! •Caabroown! •Demonioos! •What happens tomorrow, we have today---> (tattooed) •World is on my feet •cn los pies sobre la tierra y mi fav.♥: LA VIDA ES ALIENTO QUE SE VA EN UN MOMENTO!(By me) de algunos artistas> If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney the best thing about a picture is that it never changes even when the people in it do. Andy Warhol Destiny is for losers, it's just a stupid excuse to wait fot things to happen instead of making them happen. Blair Waldorf I'm pretty but i'm not beautiful, i sin but i'm not the devil, i'm good but i'm not an angel. Marilyn Monroe Is that a gun in your pocket??! Or you're happy to see me??!! Mae West. When I'm good, I'm very good, but When I'm bad, I'm better! Mae West.

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