Alana Hosn


alana ur gonna be all night wanting a nice cold water or ice tea imagine going gulp gulp ahhhhh nice refreshing drink -alfredo o no way we are so getting high i got perfect place like next to the bay and the bridge in the background once i smoke it up i feel like im on top of water and carrying the bridge its so dank - Alfredo ya thatd be the icing on the creepy kill me cake -Mitra you better change your attitude or your wings are gonna be clipped like the wings of a bird in a cage - Paris' mom alana is so cool she likes to swim in a pool and she has a coat made out of wool - T-dawg So just some beers and some vodka so you guys can mix drinks? - Robin Steph- should we get a fruit platter? Robin- this isn't a cocktail party, this party is about getting drunk HAHA Wow. Do you wanna biscuit now? --Gerardo I'm like the shit, the one who doesn't fit in the toiled hahaha- gerardo Darren- This towel smells bad. Alana- That's because it is probably covered in sperm Darren- Ya it's double the amount of sperm HAHAH Hey mitra can you download the song in the ay-er. -Andreaa

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