Abbey Cusimano


"I rolled in with mad heads." "She was chill, but she couldn't hang." "Is it FBO?" "Barbeque is truth." "Ben, try and act normal." "Don't you have something like hese balls but bigger?" "Balls.. big .. yep definitely something i have." "We could work on licking our elbows." "Im just young and in love .. with not having a job." "We have a lot of flavors." "I dont care how many flavors you have, im full." "So you're saying i could drink two shots and be drunk?! That's the best news iv heard all year." "Chicken nuggets is like my family." "Shes too skinny, she need to eat something n' be happy." "It's not funny if it's not freaky." "I just took a laxative and thought of you." "Chorus draws a crowd." "I want dairy products until my ass leaks." "I've never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a pretty good way to go." "I don't know what else to do with my time besides eat and watch TV." "I can wipe this smudge off my shoe that is Omaha." "Oh yeah, every time i see her she's shining." "There's so many stickers in here." "Yeah, over 600, jealous?" "Just call me Paris." "You gotta know 12, 3, 6 and 9." "Well i know 6 and 9, OBVI." "That's fuggggin sweeet" "OMG! PEEPS." "She's going to come into school looking like the joker." "Keep your hat on precious, please." "I got wedgies." "My stomach made me sick to my fruit." "Sponge boobs no pants." "My comforter is soiled." "What?" "THERE'S SHIT ON THE COMFORTER!" "Do you think Sandra would mind if I had a beverage before we competed just to take the edge off." "Well that's a poof if iv ever seen one." "This is creeper status." "Perfection of scaling an escalator. Check!" "I saw someone on rays do it." "BAM! That was the ending explosion." "MURPH!" "You named your dog after my fish." "Well, that's a lame name." "It's like the real team, and then the scrubs." "It's like a black heart.. get it?" "Yeah, she called and I was about to jerk off so I told her I had to do homework and then just fell asleep." "Because it's Florida, shut up and love it." "Where the fuck is mickey?" "OH CRUMP!" "Crumping is a kind of dance." "Oh no, you mean crunking." "Wait, what language do they speak in Germany?" "Think we'll have another depression?" "It can't get any worse than this." "I just want to make a complete ass of myself right now." "Sir, you forgot your pants in Disney World." "What's a levee?" "It's like a dyke." "A blueberry muffin and combos for dinna, my ma's gunna be pissed!" "This is team bonding not team put downs, although Becca is terrible." "I've been a lot more lately than normal." "I wanna be all by myself .. ON THE FUTON!" "BUTTZ UP?!" "Can i tell you how thirsty i am?" "Ya.." "I'm so thirsty." "Okay, we know your in college. It's not even COOL to drink anymore.." "I need a new pair." "I like to control, but sometimes i just like to BE CONTROLLED.. you know what i mean?"

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