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I figure as adults, we il-afford ourselves the luxury of networks such as CN, and Disney, . If you are one of many who feel they are geared more towards the young County set,,,, Ooooo,, my friend , you are sooo wrong. Nickelodeons House of Anubis is a wrinkle worth knowing. A magnificent story line full of Sex and Intrigue. ( no sex) . Alex Sawyer's character, Alfie, breaths new life into an otherwise dizzmmaalll television world. Giving new meaning to the term ( Alfa Male. ) . Come on ladies, he's Obama with the worlds sexiest Accent. Yummmmmy. The moment the cam panned from his beautiful hands sprinkling silk rose peddles on his love ( Amber) , every women wanted to be in love. I certainly did. Every women who's ever been in love needed new love coupled with the anticipation of that first kiss all over again. Some lip action 4 the worlds new found luv,,, Pppppllleeeaaasseee already,,,,. I almost want to jump in and do it myself,,,( Purple Rose Anyone?????) ,,,. Come on Nick,,, the women of the world want to fall in love. It's hardly Roundheads and Cavaliers. I want season 2 with Alfie, who bares a striking resemblance to that very Faroh himself, in a mad rush of romance, fueling the fires of lust and true love. The cream de la cream finally gets the girl,... Don't make our hero work so hard. And hey, when Zeno knabbed Amber, ready to biz her ear, why wasn't Alfie allowed to yell " let go of my girlfriend" , K.O. Zeno, save the day, get his girl, and a big wet kiss to boot?,. Hey, Nick, please don't force me to write season 2 . And you know I will. I wouldn't be surprised if H.O.A doesn't increase the number of female attendees from around the globe to the 2012 London Games. I'l definatly be there , rooting for my England in the city I love. Open Toe,,,, House of Anubis deserves a look, another look, then look again. Record it eeeevvvveeennnn. Thank you Snaggle Puss 4 that last line...LOL

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