Agnes Kuge


I don't need an angel on my tree... I have one in heaven looking down on me. ♥ You`re like a cloud - when you fuck off, everybody has a good day! I'm sarcastic and have a smart ass attitude. It's a natural defense against drama, bullshit, and stupidity. , I had a party last night.. sorry you couldn't come. But your boyfriend did.. TWICE. 2 words guys hate DON'T & STOP. unless you put them together. Remember the magic words:''please'',''thank you'' and ''step off, bitch'' Heaven is Hell without you and Hell is Heaven with you yeah, you look alright...from a night...behind a wall No Boys_No Love-->No Love_No Sex-->No Sex_No People-->No People_No School-->No School_No Problems.!!! all men are equal, only the wages they earn are different

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