Adinda Temminck


Boy: So, I hear you like bad boys. Girl: Yeah, so? Boy: I don't want to brag, but I don't read the Terms and Conditions. Teacher: Where's your textbook? Student: At home. Teacher: Why's it there? Student: Cause it wanted to have more fun than I'm having. Girl: Why's my name your facebook status every minute? Boy: Facebook is asking me what's on my mind & the only thing on my mind is you. Me: This horror movie isn't scary at all! You: But this is based on a true story. Me: Uh, really? Could you walk me to the bathroom? Willy : if you hit me i'll hit you....i don't hit girls but i'll hit you Adinda: really...i'll hit u first Dea: if you hit her i'll hit you John: If you hit her i'll hit her -julian in the shower- I'd jump in a hot shower for ya throw my hands in the hot shower for ya I'd jump in a hot shower for ya You know i'd do anything for ya Listen babe, i would go through all this hot water take a bullet straight through my brain yes i'd jump in a hot shower for ya but you won't do the same Me: MOM THERE'S A CICAK IN MY ROOM!!! Mom: the cicak is more scared than u adinda!! Me: really!!! did it tell u that?

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