Adii Ortiz


Bitches wanna see me put my head dwn haha never gonna happen!! when u hypocrite hatin 2faced bitchez have the balls to come at me HANDLE!! dnt b sending me fukkn friend requests!! simple bitch what makes u think imma add u?? haha if u got a problem?? solve it..cant stand me?? sit the fukk dwn.. cant face me?? turn the fukk around bitchez!! u had the big mothfkn mouth to blame shyt on me.. qvo no q muy chingona?? stand ur fukkn ground bitch.. && tell it like it is.. u wanna make urself look inoccent yeah i started? ha i dnt start but i will finish it && who ever has something to say, come thru && say it to my face && dnt worry about what the fukk im doin worry about ur dmn self.. go take care of ur fam stop waitin on someone else to do it for u!! haha its funny how u dnt like me but ur the first to kno of every step i take.. yet idgaf about u!! ur obsessed with the fact that u dnt have shyt on me haha so keep lookin and making shyt upp..nuff said!! ;) HATERS STILL B HATIN lol JEALOUSY is a desease get well soon bitchez! :p

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