Adela Urbano


talking about abusing cuk and mimi: (dogs) mari: "haha yeah but she [mimi] isnt ur usual oldie.. shes like madonna, healthy, fit, slutty, and sexy"* *(please notice that mimi is a female chiuahua) ade: "flah is full of flahness"---"u know what? flahness sounds like flanes, which is the plural to flan, which is a dessert. interesting... is there a subliminal message hidden in this? am i The Chosen One? is flah the Chosen One? is Orduz a nerdy? who knows. except for the last part. we ALL know orduzitoo IS a nerdy." ade:"it's SO perv!"mari: "i knooww i LOVE it!!" gabi: "what's antojo?(from la vecinita tiene antojo)" orduz: "is that u want some... (obscene gesture that looks like a perv dance move) ross: "IM GONNA go make a PITCHER OF MARGARITAS!!! (jum and snap)" HAHAHAHAHAA amy: "a moment in the lips, for ever in the hips!" joey: "im curvy and I LIKE IT!" hahahahahahahahahahah ross: "L is for Life, and wht it would be without love...,, O is for... Oh wow!!!,,, V is for this Very surprising turn of events...,,, and E is for how Extremely normal i find this" HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Quick! How do you get a chick out of a VCR!?" - Chandler in The One With a Chick and a Duck "NO MORE FALAFEL FOR YOU!!!!".-ross HAHAHAHA "BESO EN LA BOCA ES COSA DEL PASADO LA FASHION AHORA ES ES RAKATA PELADO"-flah moraes

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