Abbie Leonard


“ciao bella” “im english you fool” “it's barry poppins!” “it's not me, it's you. it's just i'm a better person than you” “if i die drunk tonight i’ll be happy” “this has no price on it... ITS OBVIOUSLY FREE!!” “oh look it matches your face” “i turned round... and you picked up the fridge!” “schlemon?” “you nearly killed my window cleaner” “if you tell me to buck up i will hit you through the computer” "tweezers" "oooh lycra, thats going to stick to me in all the right places.." "well that was un-needed sarcasm" "you don't have to win my trust, just buy me presents" “we’ve been friends since birth – her birth not my birth I wasn’t alive for her birth but we’ve heard it was a joyous occasion” "i've made my case now i will lay in it" "TO CHAMBERS!" "we are robin hood" "he's fine" "HE'S DEAD!" "how do you feel about it all?" "like an egyptian soldier who only had egg yolk for breakfast" "my future is in the penis!" "plumberry?!" "but she made it really difficult by capitalising every alternative letter..... this is why you lost him. she makes the effort!!!!!" "owwwwwh no" "CHOW DOWN!" "you be shakira, i'll be beyonce" "hes the one in the checkered shirt!" "josie, theyre all wearing checkered shirts!!!" "i'm with eddie and crisis" "abbie abbie we've got a skit!" "forget the bricks someone's going to come kill us...." "the one with the least clothing always dies first" *steph spills drink* "STRAWS!!!!" "OH MY GOD ITS MOULDY BREAD" "isn't it nice we're all friends again" "i just saved my number as fit in your phone" "is george michael blind!?!?" "no lydia..." "is george michael gay!?!?" "a minx in a cunning disguise" "get the poster!!" "ON IT" "sooooo... how've you been?" "i'd dress all in white and leap out with like a freezer attached to me so i have unlimited snowballs...i have the best plans!" "FILFO!" "they are from a special place... we only bring them out once a month to make them feel good about themselves" "lets have a party!" "posh twatttt!" "its okay we're healthy.... okay maybe we're gonna die of liver failure but our lungs will be just fine" "i don't care who these boys are - just remember you're coming home with me tonight" "whats your middle name!?" "i'm completely up for the gay-ness... just don't come onto me!" "abbie you're making a noise like a camel" "i shall spit later" "its okay - everyone makes mistakes" "zara! do you wanna go get your coat!?" "but he's massive!" "abbie have you seen the size of the shoes you're wearing?" "yes" "then why are you not normal size!?" "steph ... will you sing me a song?" "did he not text you saying happy mother's day?!" "why are there bubbles!?" "erm hello? rachel! i'm on the floor!" "just don't make any noise" "meet nobhead sam!" "wow. just wow." "helfen! ich verlosse meine fruenden!" "we have a crisis!... okay i may have exaggerated a lil..." "are we still getting it on?" "not right now" "i miss you sitting on my toilet floor" "her forehead is red, she's drunk, i just don't know what to do!" "hey polly do the robot!!" "reeeeeeeally?" "calderdale gurls" ;D

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