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Jason Grill was born in Kansas City, Missouri and was raised in the same city by his parents Brad and Clarissa Grill. He was involved in many community activities which includes Boy Scouts, baseball and soccer in Southern Platte County. He is the owner of JGRILL MEDIA, LLC, a public relations firm providing analysis on politics, government statuses and conditions, media relations and business structures. He is the former member of the House of Representatives in Missouri. A lawyer, a coach, a writer, a commentator, an adjunct professor and a sports fanatic. Jason Grill was well-trained for leadership since his high school years in St. Pius X where he became the vice president for the student council and graduated as one of the top 10 students as well. Graduated as summa cum laude in Saint Louis University with a degree of Business Administration. He then studied law at the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School. While at the law school he was given an advance certificate on dispute resolution. He continued studying in Rome, took up International Economics through the University of Loyola-Chicago. Jason writes for Politico, The Recovering Politician, Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal Radio where he shares his knowledge with public governance and political analysis.

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