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In 1978, President Carter changed the laws regarding the home brewing of beer, which has led to a rise in the hobby’s popularity over the decades. By 2013, it was finally legal to brew beer for your own use in every state. Like a chef, home brewers enjoy changing recipes with different ingredients to come up with a bee r that is distinctly their own. Offering spices, grains, hops and other flavorings, The Grape and Granary lets you release your creativity and allows you to adjust each recipe as you see fit. Having the choice to experiment with different recipes and flavors is part of the fun and attraction for many hobbyists. The Grape and Granary does not limit itself to beer and wine making equipment. They also serve the needs of several other pastimes. If you have ever wanted to practice making vinegar, sake, or mead, The Grape and Granary also carries a full line of supplies, videos, and equipment to help steer you in the right direction. Everyone at The Grape and Granary is excited about their hobby, both at home and work, and they want to share their love of the craft with the world.

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