Real friendship is when Mind, Heart, and Soul combined together. I took photography in college for my police major but artistic black & white as a pro also did some modeling in college as James Bond 007. I would like also to say I have a good taste in music as fashion. I love to see most young designers or DJ use big titles in there home pages but to say designer, director, actor, singer, DJ, and a flyer I know you are a big lie. I also hate people Waring masks making another personality or acting to be Vampire to win publicity. I have a BS degree in low enforcement and worked as PD for 21 years retired early as LT Major. I god my schooling and worked in the US & the ME. The last 10 years of my retirement I have done some PI cases for free and God always bless me with finding a real stars and true angles. My message in life is love & peace.

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