Hi, my name is Chanel Cohen! I describe myself as a passionate fashionista. Avid of clothes and jewelry, my personal style is a perfect mix of high end designer pieces with new finds to create the perfect desirable look. My curiosity and my attachment for fashion also grew me to create my own little space, my blog. Trendy Feather is simply an outlet for me to express my desires, my inspirations and my thoughts on the joys and the tribulations of fashion and lifestyle. I suggest there the modest idea having a two-way dialogue on the world of fashion and its relationship to the dailylife. I try also to make a basically compilation of the latest fashion trends and news, from product reviews to runway reviews, with a few shopping tips here and there. My blog represents me, and it is absolutely crucial to me that it is not the opposite! My keen eye for fashion and my love of writing, allow me to collaborate with prestigious luxury houses such as Harry Winston, finding new designers and put the spotlight on those who deserve it so much. Let's visit us and share it around you ! Follow me on - Facebook!/TrendyFeather - Twitter Instagram Bloglovin Pinterest Hellocoton Blogkeen Xoxo

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