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Speller Metcalfe is one of the United Kindom's leading building companies operating across the Midlands, South-west and Greater London, with key regions including Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Birmingham and Bristol. We always work to the highest levels of sustainable construction and building standards including BREEAM, Passivhaus and the Code for Sustainable Homes, alongside our key knowledge and expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM). And in 2013 we were on the shortlist for the Building Awards 'BIM Initiative of the Year'. Speller Metcalfe approaches every client and associate with a personalised service while maintaining the highest levels of construction industry standards, that is what makes us an award winning construction company. All of our procedures for Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental are accepted by ISO rules. Over the entire life of the company, Speller Metcalfe has been honoured with several recognitions and awards as a result of our high degree of accomplishment within the building sector. Because of our approach to our supply chain, advisers, and customers, these achievements are made possible. Speller Metcalfe's turnover has grown to GBP85m and while growth dipped slightly within the year 2012-13 (as with the rest of the construction industry), we have found a return to previous peak levels and beyond. Now on the 'approved' builder's list of fourteen housing associations, our Living section is a terrific example of our ongoing success, having doubled anticipated turnover in its first two years. Furthermore, Speller Metcalfe managed to successfully navigate the hard economic downturn for the construction industry without the necessity for large-scale redundancies. Because of our financial management and tight cost control, we continue to stay a success in the construction industry. Our company phi losophy is simple, Speller Metcalfe's aim is to continue to become a great example of what a construction company should be, by consistently setting the bar high for standards across build-quality, customer relationships and work welfare. Speller Metcalfe approaches each construction project with a friendly, positive mindset - driven by our obligation to our employees. Despite the difficulties many building companies' face, our fiscal success and reputation within the building business encourage our clientele to possess confidence in our brand. Our committed workforce continues to drive Speller Metcalfe's success, and their unrelenting devotion to delivering premium quality jobs within budget and on time.

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