Hey, i’m Sandra.Sometimes i am someone who wants to change the world and make it a better place, but also someone who hates everyone and don’t care about nothing. My mood fluctuates quite frequently.. When i’m in my good mood, i like giving advice and being very curious and non-judgmental. i like to learn about things instead of pointing fingers. sometimes i see beauty in the ugliest of things. i just want to understand and learn something in the life, not criticize. But when i have my side of shit, it’s kind of different. i’m often very apathetic, angry, annoyed, cynical. People will often get angry with me because i show no sympathy. i like to take care of myself. and i hate attention seeking, i hate fake sympathy, i used to think with my heart and soul but i think with my head and logic now. i believe we’re all in charge of our own suffering. i am aware of my own problems and unlike most, i plan on fixing them. I don’t like when people tell me what to do, or try to define me. You will never know what goes on in my head. You will most likely never understand me. i hope one day i make my life into something great. And the things i like much is when somebody remembers me,that moment when i feel happy. Sometimes i don’t care for compliments..yes it’s cute and beautiful,but sometimes i think it is not true what people say. i just feel like they aren’t true. the people don’t understand that i don’t see what people see in me. i don’t see myself as an inspiration. i don’t see myself as amazing, i see the darker parts of me sometimes. i just want to be a good person in side, everyday i try to be a good person. i just want you to like me as i am, for inside and out. Maybe you won’t think i’m an asshole, because i’m not.

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