Diana Smirnova


Happiness-not in those women with whom you wish to sleep, and in with whom you wish to wake up ♥♥♥ Some people – silly women. ♥♥♥ the successful moments it is necessary to be able to catch and use them. ♥♥♥ there are those to whom not all the same. And on it all is under construction. The main thing – to meet such people. ♥♥♥ the human life is similar to a box of matches. To address with it it is serious — ridiculously. To address lightly — it is dangerous. ♥♥♥ probably, each of us gives the heart to the one who hardly probable thinks of it. ♥♥♥ Sometimes people disappoint us, sometimes they surprise you. But you never learn them if you will not try to understand. ♥♥♥ in this life it is not important, as you fall. It is important, as you rise. ♥♥♥ and to friends it is impossible to calibrate secrets, For friends too have friends. ♥♥♥ whatever happens, it is necessary to remember is only a life, and we will break! ♥♥♥ the world belongs to you and if to you someone tells that it not so you simply do not listen. ♥♥♥ Only having lost everything, we find freedom. ♥♥♥ anybody from you does not differ beauty and uniqueness of the SNOWFLAKE. ♥♥♥ do not love anybody, and you will be pleasant to all. Send all world to hell, and you will admire. ♥♥♥ not money involves women, not cars and jewelry, not restaurants and expensive clothes, not power, riches and elegance, and that has made the person powerful, rich and elegant, force by which one are allocated and are completely deprived others.... ♥♥♥ the Life is magic, and taste of each moment is unique! ♥♥♥ love as the butterfly: you will compress too strongly — you will crush, you will release — and it will depart. ♥♥♥ when the woman whom is what to tell, is silent, the silence deafens. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ to understand problems of other people always is easier, than own. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ The world will hear of me at last. I shall teach them a good lesson. Death, death, death to them all! ♥♥♥ the beauty is necessary to us that we were loved by men; And nonsense — that we loved men. ♥♥♥ for love you pay by instalments, and mostly, alas, when the love has already come to an end. ♥♥♥ Angela devils — an infernal flour, and people — love call it a heavenly joy. Also what here to hide or be silent, I love it, it is clear. I love, I love … It is a stone on my neck, I go with it on a bottom, but I love this stone and live without it I can not.

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