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My Shoes Speak Italian.. a classic tale of the pursuit of fashion career happiness. Told by Yours Truly ~ Megan Burkham. Launched in October 2011, is a blog about fashion. inspiration. music. passion. art. & beauty. By establishing my M.S.S.I. as a means to share what inspires me in my career, my mission is to articulate my passion for the industry with resources contributing to the success of others. Like you, I live my life in FASHION; A lifestyle that imparts a sense of beauty, optimism and discovery...All in a pair of Italian High Heel Shoes! I also have reason to believe that many fashion industry hopefuls out there could benefit…or find humor…in all the cracks in the runway I’ve so graciously stumbled upon in my career. After all...FASHION, as a way of life, is not about FINDING YOURSELF...It is about CREATING YOURSELF.

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