My name is Shirin Kyanvash. I was born 22 years ago in Rome but I am of Persian origin. To be honest I have not followed Fashion since ever... rather, in fact, I got approached by accident during the last year of high school, when I got out of my "shell" and started to make friends with the rest of the class; since then started the early afternoon walks between girls, for me. And so, what can you do during those hours? You can go around for shopping. Zara, Bershka, H & M and Brandy Melville were the most "popular" stores but, of course, this not prevented us from dreaming in front of Chanel, Dior or Prada's shop-windows. I have always loved Art in all its forms and, not by chance, I joined a high school suited to my passion: Art School, branch of Architecture. Yes, because my other love is the Architecture. Now, after 3 years, and perhaps with a more substantial cultural background accumulated, I decided to start a blog about it. The idea of ​​talking about Fashion, to "live" it, in a sense, through shows, photo books or shop-windows (online ones, too), has always been interesting and fascinating to me. Fashion is a Work Of Art. The artist creates the piece and the person who acts as model or the one that buys, as well as "spokesperson" or "vehicle" of diffusion, becomes, in turn, somehow also "creator" of the piece of art. Fashion evolves and, even if renewed every year, brings within itself the desire to make anyone dreaming. And this blog is dedicated especially to all those who love to dream... to dream of walking through the streets of the own (or not) city wearing a style that's part of self, an "artistic expression" of the person, of the own way of being. Let's keep in mind one thing: Fashion is not only the one from a great atelier, Fashion is also the one we "make" on our own when we begin to creatively combine what we have in the wardrobe, when we become stylists of ourselves ... because, as Coco Chanel said, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same". And the style we're the first to create it.

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