Dear fashionista's from all over the world, My name is Carmel and I was born and raised somewhere in a small country called The Netherlands. I was born at April 11th '96 so at the moment I am seventeen. Three weeks ago I came back from Matagalpa, Nicaragua where I was a volunteer. I've worked with the organisation Las Familias Especialas (Special Family's). They help disabled people from all ages. I love travelling and making the world a little better. so that's the reason why I have done that. I know we all share something over here and that is our love for fashion! So I won't tell you a stupid story about how much I love fashion or how that started, because well I am a girl and most girls are like that. My inspiration in fashion comes from a lot of things, from television to music videos, fashion shows, fashion magazines but mostly from the street. It's really interesting to see how fashion can be so different all over the world, so when I travel I keep my eyes wide open! In that way I create many looks with an average amount of fashion items. I dont really know how you can call my style, because it is my own style. Maybe I should call it Carmel style! Haha, just kidding dont worry! How I dress depends on my mood, so it can be girly and vintage or just a punk-rock style or something completely different. I hope you enjoy the pieces I love and find at fashiolista, Lots of love xoxo, Carmel

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